Instrucao facil, corra bem e nao mostra o computador. Seria util para que ela reconheca arquivos e mostrar conversoes de formatos alternativos, para os arquivos que sao lentos ou dificil de jogar. Alternativas para nomear etc seria tooi uteis tem uma grande biblioteca do iTunes (mais de 16.000 musicas) e este programa digitalizado a biblioteca inteira em apenas alguns minutos. My collection of music spans many years, and a Terabyte and half of hard-drive space. I'm setting up a Nas, but didn't want to transfer a mess over to the new setup. I used iiTunes Duplicate Remover and my problem was solved. Tomorrow I start the transfer. Great software for a massive group of files! While this song cleaner does have a nice interface, and does find dupes and missing items, there are no settings for how it finds songs, or how it fixes songs, which makes me very scared about how to get album artwork on iTunes. I prefer software that lets me edit metatags on the fly, lets me listen to the song to make sure it's properly labelled, and lets me pick which duplicates are kept,and which ones are deleted. This software does none of that.
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Casa Verbo Divino
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